Pistis is a fast growing training organisation constantly researching and looking out for creative and better way to help our customers learn all they need to know without compromising international best practices and our quality standards. We strongly believe that the problem of any individual or organisation is their ignorance of the specific solution,we also believe any individual/organisation deserve to be able access knowledge, skills and capacity to achieve their God-given Vision. And so, we are constantly creating list of different result driven training programs to overcome the "mountain" of ignorance of our general and specific customers. Our result driven training programs cut across all the currently existing and evolving industries.Our consultants and facilitators are practical, professional, qualified and effective personnel, experienced in areas of Finance, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Marketing, Information Technology, Oil and Gas., and defense services sectors.The training and consulting solutions of Pistis enable you to take a practical value-added approach to learning.


To be the most trusted,most desirable and most outstanding world class learning and development firm that delivers excellent results, increase individual and organizational bottom-line and business success by 2025.


At Pistis

  • We believe GOD is the ultimate source of all knowledge.
  • We believe every individual/should have a plan for KAIZEN.
  • We believe in "EXCELLENCE," in development and delivery.
  • We also believe in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

                             OUR MISSION

Our approach is to foster the re-engineering of individuals and organizations to achieve excellent results and business success through creative and technologically driven learning programs



                                                OUR PROMISE

               Make us your life learning partner and you will die fulfilled.