In this 21st century, a lot of things are literally going to war for our attention. If it’s not the social media notification lights pleading for the unlock button to be pressed, it is the untimely SMS messages from network providers and if you happen to have a regular office job, expect some distraction in the workplace by some of your co-workers.

However, this is a good distraction, one that will help you manage the other unproductive distractions in the workplace through the following tips:

1.      Identify the talkers

There are always people who will stand out as talkers in your workplace. They know who bought a new car, who is getting married and who is in line for promotion. They are the biggest source of social distraction in the workplace.

For this set of people, prepare an exit statement like: “Kelechi, I have a deadline on this document that I’m working on. I will come see you when I’m through with it”. This will help reduce human distraction in the workplace.

2.      Create a wall

To avoid workplace distraction, you may consider creating a barrier that keeps your eyes on the work and gives the impression that you are inaccessible to the outside world.

To do this, you can use an earphone at a reasonable volume. You may also consider changing environment too if it’s permissible.

3.      Figure out how social media affects you

Identify your vulnerabilities. How do you feel when you get a Facebook/Twitter notification? Do you feel the urge to check it out immediately? If you do, it is advised to disable such notification messages/alerts on your phone if you want to overcome distractions in the workplace.

4.      Open your browser with a plan

The internet is no doubt one of the biggest contributors to distractions in the workplace. It is easy to launch the browser with intentions to work but end up tweeting and posting status updates.

Be deliberate in your use of the internet if you want to minimize distractions in the workplace.

5.      Consider social media as a reward

You can keep your focus sharp if you consider social media as a reward for tasks completed. Discipline yourself to only use BBM or Twitter when you have achieved your tasks for the day.

You will enjoy social network more and experience less distraction in the workplace.

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