Everyone at one time or the other feels the impact of work stress, so it is nothing unusual. You may be swamped with a scary heap of work still undone and completely stumped that ideas seem not to sprout. You may even get tensed and worn out but work still has to go on.

However, here are four tips to on how to be more effective at work.
1.      Take periodic breaks

Take your mind off what you are doing for a couple of minutes if you have been working for hours. Sitting in the same position for hours can make your muscles tense and tired. Step away from your desk, stretch, breathe some fresh air, listen to a favourite song, and stop thinking about work at this period. Try this and see how you will become much more effective at work.
2.      Drink water regularly

Water keeps the body hydrated and taking sips at regular intervals is good for you. This will help keep your body refreshed and your brain active. Therefore, keeping your body continually hydrated will make you more effective at work. It will reduce the occurrence of headaches.
3.      Take a dose of optimism

It is quite understandable that you may be overwhelmed with the demands of your work and may thus experience reduced motivation, which may even get worse if you are not making adequate progress. But constantly, keep reminding yourself that you have gotten harder task completed in the past and you can accomplish this task as well. This little dose of motivation will help you become more effective at work.
4.      Watch your posture

How do you sit at work? What does your work area look like? The way your body is positioned all day has an effect on how productive you are going to be at work. Bad sitting postures like slouching in your chair and hunching over at your desk can cause a decrease in productivity. How to become more effective at work? Find a convenient and more appropriate posture, it makes the stress minimal.

Practice these health tips religiously and you will definitely become more effective at work and your personal life. What do you think? Please, leave a comment.

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